Frequently Asked Questions

What are marketing communications?
Marketing communications are communications such as offers, new product information, etc. that you did not request from GM via a subscription, request for brochure, or request for information.

How do I opt out of receiving marketing communications from GM or change my opt out preferences?
If you do not want to receive marketing communications from GM or GM business units, you can do so on this Consumer Preference System web site. This web site will allow you to opt out of telephone, email and direct mail communications and/or to change previously submitted telephone and email opt out preferences. You can also call 1-866-myprivacy (1-866-697-7482) to do the same.

How long will my opt out preferences last?
GM will process your telephone opt out request as quickly as possible and will honor your preferences in accordance with all applicable U.S. legal requirements.
Your direct mail opt out preferences will expire three (3) years from the date you submit them. Your email opt out preferences will expire according to legal requirements, which currently provide for no expiration.

What does channel mean?
A channel is the means by which GM communicates with you (e.g., email, phone, or direct mail).

What communications may GM continue to send?
The preferences you choose on this site do not affect any non-marketing communications you may receive from GM. So, you may continue to receive communications (phone calls, emails or direct mail) from GM that do not contain a marketing message. For example, GM may contact you about product or safety information relative to your current vehicle.

You may also receive marketing communications from business units you did not select, from other affiliates, or third parties such as GM dealers.

Will I continue to receive special offers if I opt out of marketing communications from GM?
Opting out of marketing communications from GM may limit any special offers you may receive from GM.

Will the contact information I provide on this site be used for any purpose other than honoring my opt out preferences?
No, the contact information you provide on this site will not be used for any purpose other than honoring your opt out preferences.

What are the GM Rewards Cards?
GM offers a suite of reward credit cards including the BuyPower Card, the GM Business Card and the GM Extended Family Card. Each product allows you to accumulate Earnings toward the purchase or lease of an eligible, new Chevrolet, Buick, GMC or Cadillac vehicle. For more details on each product and how to apply, go to

What does it mean to opt out of communications from GM Rewards Cards?
As a Cardmember, by opting out of communications from GM Rewards Cards, you will no longer receive any vehicle-related materials or special bonus offers from the GM Rewards Cards. However, Cardmembers may still receive communications from the credit card company (e.g., Balance Transfer offers, credit line increases, etc.). If you want to change your opt out preferences with our bank partners as well, please contact the bank directly at the numbers listed below:
  • For the BuyPower Card call Capital One 1-888-316-2390
  • For the GM Card call Capital One at 1-800-947-1000
  • For the GM Flexible Earnings Card call Capital One at 1-800-388-9107
  • For the GM Extended Family Card call Capital One at 1-800-419-6698
  • For the GM Business Card call Chase at 1-800-4GM-5347

Where can I read the GM Privacy Statement?
A link to the GM Privacy Statement is located at the bottom of this website. Certain other GM, or GM-related, consumer Websites and services have their own privacy statements that can be viewed on their sites. These include OnStar, GM Financial and Maven.

What is Maven?
Maven is a mobility service offered by General Motors. For more information about Maven services please visit Maven

I am an owner of a GM vehicle. How do I update my mail, email or telephone information?
To have your mail, email or telephone information updated please call one of the following Customer Assistance Centers that is specific to your vehicle or service:
  • Buick 1-800-521-7300
  • Cadillac 1-800-458-8006
  • Chevrolet 1-800-222-1020
  • GMC 1-800-462-8782
  • OnStar 1-888-4ONSTAR (1-888-466-7827)
  • Maven 1-844-446-2836 (1-844-HIMAVEN)