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Please review the information you entered to make sure it is correct. Click on "Submit" to record your telephone opt out preferences.

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Phone Preference Instructions

To opt out of receiving telephone marketing communications (for example, offers and discounts etc.) please enter your telephone number then check the box next to each GM business unit/affiliate from which you prefer NOT to receive marketing telephone calls or "check all" to stop receiving marketing communications from the respective GM business unit/affiliate listed. Click on the "Submit" button to record your opt out preferences. You may repeat this process if you have more than one telephone number. You may view and change current opt out preferences for your telephone number by first entering your telephone number and clicking the "Retrieve" button.

GM will process your telephone opt out request as quickly as possible and will honor your preferences in accordance with all applicable U.S. legal requirements.

Please Note: Your opt out preferences will not stop you from receiving telephone calls made: a) for purposes other than marketing (e.g. recall information); b) from third parties such as GM dealers or GM partners (for example, credit card issuing bank), or c) from other affiliates not listed to the left as a GM business unit. Additionally, if you are an OnStar subscriber, you may still receive important OnStar service messages in your vehicle after opting out of OnStar. Press your blue OnStar button to speak with an advisor if you wish to stop such messages.